The Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap


Hello, Hello! I’m back in the blogging saddle. Yeehar!

A little while ago I signed up for The Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap over at Beth Kempton’s inspiring Do What You Love site. The idea was to create a postcard for your swap partner that included playing with paper (and of course stitching) around the theme ‘CREATE’.

So this is my effort. It was great fun to make having stumbled across a packet of large tissue paper shapes in my kids ‘freaky-scary’ bedroom. I let those tissue pieces dictate my palette and challenged myself to stick with them. An enlightening exercise in itself since these aren’t my normal choices.

Im so glad I signed up, its great to stretch yourself and experiment. Hope my swap partner likes it. Can’t wait to see all the other postcard goodness.


Buk buk buk brrr-awk!

A little sketch inspired first by our Easter farm visit –
then by this sweet ‘chicken whisperer’, this Diva and this fascinating article.
It seems chickens can definitely talk but did you know they can also sing?!

Holiday Tales

I love the Easter holidays, they force me to get out from behind my desk and into the the sunshine with my little buddies.
I’m not sure who enjoys it more, me or them. Although I have my suspicions.

Our days have been beautiful, crisp, clear and packed with mini adventures.
We’ve discovered Silkie chickens have wild hairdos
It is possible to sneak up on a peacock.
A pony’s nose is lovely and soft in the palm of your hand, but their teeth are not.
And the most beautiful green field in the entire world is in Collingwood.

Hope your Easter break was full of lovely surprises too.


Man, it’s hard to get that first post out of the way after a blogging hiatus! I’ve been away so much longer than I ever intended – especially given one of my 2012 resolutions was to fatten up this famished blog. Never mind, lets pretend we’re all operating on some ancient, slightly longer calendar… HAPPY NEW YEAR!  : )

Life has been busy busy around here. I’m juggling work on a new online portfolio, printing for my pending Etsy shop and trying to catch the last precious moments of summer between being fried and being soaked.

There’s been a few hiccups, particularly with Gocco supplies. Nehoc have sold out of B5 screens and their inks are dwindling rapidly. I knew Gocco was on it’s way out but I also ‘knew’ that they had supplies for another four years, factoring in panic buying. But apparently panic buying has been completely nuts – which makes complete sense. After all, it’s not just buying in a bit of a hurry, it’s PANIC!!

Like ‘Greased Lightning‘, I ordered inks from Japan, grabbed what screens I could and bought a vault* to keep them in. But after organizing a 24hour armed guard* and cradling a large mug of camomile I realized that the whole thing actually isn’t all that bad. It’ll force me to design very carefully to suit what the Gocco does best and it’ll move me over to other printing methods – which is great because there are so many lovely techniques to try.

Sadly opening my Etsy shop has been a bit delayed but on the bright side printing is now at fever pitch. So thankful that I’m working on a natural subject that makes the most of all of the Gocco happy accidents – loving those dappled leaves.

p.s. Do check out the link, it’s hilarious!

* Truth stretched beyond all recognition