Why we all need a Soggy Owl


It’s April, why on earth would anyone write a calendar post in April?! …

Because (A) my hubbie has just complained bitterly about how utterly dumb his smart phone is having lost a whole bunch of info he’d diligently tippety-tapped into it. Notes, addresses, important dates etc. – POOF! – all gone, just like that.
At this point I gloated and pointed to my Owl Lovers Calendar.

Because (B) whilst grinning and pointing I realised I hadn’t told anyone about the very same calendar. Obviously it pays not to gloat.

Because (C) It’s April the very month I had in mind when I illustrated my owl for Shivani’s calendar! Only just April I admit, since it’s nearly over, but April non-the-less in all its wonderful sogginess.

So the moral of the story is always have a pretty paper back-up calendar, you never know which month you might be reaching for it.
And never ever gloat!!

Shivani’s My Owl Barn Owl Lovers Calendar is a free downloadable calendar you can completely customize choosing from an incredible body of work by over 50 international artists. Amongst all that goodness are wonderful submissions by Ina Hattenhauer, Christine Pym, Anna Walker, Flora Chang, Mina BraunRenee Treml … The only problem is choosing just 12!


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    1. Hiya Gretchen. Thanks so much, I had a lovely time working on him. He was made traditionally then assembled in layers in Photoshop. I love to play around with colour there.

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