Back to School, Whoo Hoo!


Guess what?! Just last week I stumbled across this amazing online course run by Lilla Rogers (aka one of the foremost illustration agents known and admired all over the illustration and design universe) and I signed up. Eep! I have to tell you I am more than a little nervous, you should see some of the amazing artists joining me in Lilla’s virtual classroom. But I’m also super excited and looking forward to being pushed in some new directions. Wish me luck! x


14 thoughts on “Back to School, Whoo Hoo!

  1. Hi – I love your work and have your site on my Feedly reader to keep up with anything new. Saw this post and thought “hey, me too!”. How are your mushrooms coming along? 🙂

    1. Hi Elizabeth! I’m so glad you said hello. 🙂
      Loving the mushrooms. There are so many wonderful shapes to play with.
      Trying not to think about the coming assignment too much, but it’s tricky.
      How about you?

  2. OHHHH! I saw the course and was trying to figure out how I could swing it too…it cuts right into our big vacation so I opted out but it is definitely bookmarked. I can only imagine how awesome it will be, Alisa, and I know you will stun them with your amazing work. Sending all good wishes as you take on school. : ) Kudos to you!

    As for the little animated .gif – yes, it was a simple thing to do in Photoshop using frames. I’ll send ya the PS file via email so you can take a look and mess with’s quite easy and fun! Big hugs for your sweet words at my always make my day!

  3. oh keep us posted! i was gonna do it but realised i would be away for two weekends during it and the assignments are so rushed. next time maybe. i’d love to hear all about it. x

  4. How did it go? This course looked amazing. I saw some students work on their blogs. Really inspiring and it was interesting to get insight into the process of how some of the work and ideas evolved. I hope you had fun!

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