Billies and Fairies


I’ve been stuck in the past for the last few weeks – organising finished projects, ticking off lists, fine tuning stuff. But when this project popped back to mind I had to share it. Childhood is so beautiful and fleeting it’s crazy not to.

A while ago our littlest turned six and had what every six year old girl absolutely, positively needs – a fairy party. It was no surprise. With girls you have dress-up fairy wings and sparkly skirts in the day and wonder filled fairy stories at night. Guess it comes with the territory. It was inevitable that we would have not just ours but a whole year of fairy birthday parties ahead of us…
But I have to say it was all just gorgeous!

We’re big fans of the Cicely Mary Barker Flower Fairies so in consultation with my small ‘client’ we thought it’d be fun to create a native version for her invites. Billy Buttons were perfect. They have such a great architectural shape and sunny colour that they looked like a bunch of balloons in the arms of our fairy. They also happily lent themselves to a pattern for the invitations and to the look of the cookie pop favours.


I’d never made cookie pops before and was thrilled and relieved when they turned out fine. I used this yummy recipe for the base and made them in both white and yellow. We liberally sprinkled them with edible glitter and packaged them up with little hand-lettered thank you tags. The above shot of the birthday girl biting into hers does make it look a tad tough but her two front teeth are wobbly so she is favouring the more reliable ones. Good thinking really, who wants the tooth fairy gate crashing the party!

It was lovely watching them all in the moment, dancing around in their pretty pastel clouds of tule, giggling and munching away on oversized billy buttons. I’m not sure who was more delighted when the cookie pops left glittery grins, me or them. But for the birthday girl it was magic right up to the very end.


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Top Image | Billy Buttons photograph by Rika  | A photographer who’s work is wonderfully ethereal but also embraces abstraction. Just beautiful. | Image used with kind permission.


10 thoughts on “Billies and Fairies

  1. Goodness Alisa, your posts always bring a bit of sunshine to my heart. Love the images of your sweet girl enjoying that cookie pop! What special memories you’re creating for your little ones..lucky little ducks! All of the beautiful touches (your gorgeous illo and lettering) make those celebrations that much more special. What a cool mom! Always so good to see your sweet’s been too long! Hope you have a lovely May ahead dear Alisa! Hugs!

    1. Thanks so much Samantha. 🙂
      I made the pattern by pressing into the icing with a rounded end of a paperclip, shhh don’t tell anyone. 😉

  2. You truly are one VERY clever mum – what sensational invitations, and cookie pops, and just all the styling in general! Sooo beautifully designed, and captured so beautifully in your photography too. I love it all! Some would laugh at the idea, but kids’ parties give us mums such scope to be fun & creative, don’t you think?.. 🙂

    1. Definitely! It’s so much fun (as you know being a birthday party guru yourself) and besides they are only small for such a short time, I think it gives us a brilliant excuse for jumping in boots and all. 😀

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