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It’s funny how things go.

For instance I have my partner home again after a plodding 7 week contract in Sydney – Yay! 
He’s now taking a couple of weeks off nicely coinciding with the Easter School Holidays – Perfect timing!
Right when I have a tonne of work I need to motor through – Fantastic right?!

Yeah, except my scanner chose this week to ‘give up the ghost’ – Damn!
I spent hours choosing a new one only to discover that they ‘sold the last one a few hours ago’.
And I’ve caught a rubbish virus that makes me sound like an old man who smokes an entire box of cigars, hourly.

Perhaps I was supposed to be doing other things this week.
Like channeling my inner ‘nutty photographer’, munching eggs and hanging out with the little chickens …
Who am I to argue!

Happy Easter Holidays! x


3 thoughts on “Eggs-perimenting

  1. Machinery/technology has a way of doing that, to me at least. My printer went kooky right as I needed to start printing proofs of a new piece. I got it sorted quickly, but it still threw me off track for a while. The eggs look lovely!

  2. Snap… I had two stupid colds and a migrain over the last few week and there was so much I wanted to do but just couldn’t!!! Sometimes you just have to succumb and just take it easy… so hard to do though 🙂

  3. Gosh, I LOVE those quirky photos of the easter eggs! Your talent knows no bounds, I swear! 🙂
    Thanks for dropping by Shelbyville and giving me those MUCH needed words of encouragement recently – it truly is lovely to hear from you, and I appreciate it so very much. How I wish you had moved north rather than south to Melb 😉
    And in other news, I’ve just spent an evening compiling a new blog post in reply to being nominated for the Liebster award, and part of that is ‘paying forward’ the appreciation. So I have in turn nominated your dear kind self! Please whizz over to Shelbyville to find out all the lovely details.
    Thanks again 🙂
    Thinking of you!
    Michelle xxx

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