Weekend Snapshot

Had a go at weaving with Miss L resulting in something super cool for class news and a blanket for a happy mouse.
Watched KungFu Panda with the girls and then had KungFu ‘fights’ with some truly impressive moves.
Went for a walk to the boathouse, fed the ducks and slurped ice cream on a ridiculously beautiful day in Melbourne.

Hope you had a lovely lazy weekend too! x


10 thoughts on “Weekend Snapshot

    1. Hi Gretchen šŸ™‚ Well the weaving had quite a few little mistakes but Miss L didn’t seem to mind a bit.
      Phew! Alisa xx

  1. Lovely photos! We have kungfu panda moves here too… soooo funny hey!
    Wow love that weaving… lucky little mouse šŸ™‚

    Lamina @ fo a bit

  2. gorgeous shots… and that weaving looks amazing – very impressive! (and I meant to say before that I LOVE the marbles instructions and bags!)

  3. Just discovered your blog and I love your photography and beautiful hand made and drawn projects.
    I wish I had your talents!!! Love love love the little fox.

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