My Creative Space – Sharing a Secret

I’ve been busy working on a secret collaboration that today I can finally share. Hooray!

Last year my lovely blog buddy Susie of Flower Press designed a seriously sweet marble print and made it up into gorgeous treasure bags. The moment I saw those bags ‘marbles’ landed on my girls Christmas lists.

They were a huge hit, easily outrunning other more ‘exciting’ toys in the christmas favorites stakes. Immediately these marbles were named, had stories created around them, and became pretend food for other toys. But it wasn’t long before they wanted to know how to play with them ‘properly’. Ok, I had a rough idea but when you are 5 and 7 rules are paramount. So to avoid excessive use of the ‘simmer down chairs’ I went online for instructions. In all my searching I found … zip, nada, not a sausage! Nothing for teaching the new reader set. They were all too complicated and way too dull – a yawnfest!

After declaring loudly and indignantly that “someone ought to make some decent instructions for kids” I released that maybe that someone ought to be me. So I got busy. As luck would have it my pint-sized judges gave the finished product the big thumbs-up and best of all because of the simple comic format they could teach themselves. Oh happy days!

Luckily when I showed Susie she loved them too and a fun collaboration has been in the works to create entirely handmade Marble Starter Kits for other little monkeys. Today is such an exciting day, because today is our big reveal. We have just listed these in Susies Etsy shop. Yay!  You can read more about them over on the Flower Press Blog. We hope you like them! We certainly had the best fun making them (Thanks Susie, you’re a star!).

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24 thoughts on “My Creative Space – Sharing a Secret

    1. Thanks Anna! 🙂 Those shoes come from Pumpkin Patch, I thought they were mega cute but sadly they don’t fit too well. But Miss S loves them and wears them anyway, despite the fact that they flip off at the worst possible times. Sigh, fashion victims the pair of us! 😀
      p.s I’m going to put some instructions into my shop independent of the kits, if you wanted to make your own bag with your Italian fabric. x

  1. Love it! And love how you have folded the instructions… just gorgeous! Sounds like you guys had such a great time doing this little project together! Such a wonderful idea!

    lamina @ do a bit 🙂

  2. Brilliant work you two ladies!! I lovvvvve the Marble Starter Kits, and may just have to snaffle one for Little D for when he’s older… Is there a recommended minimum age for these beauties?

    1. Hey there Michelle! Thanks so much! 🙂
      Yeah there is a minimum age (it’s printed on the packaging and the instructions) – not for under fives. So true too, mine were still putting things in their mouths at four. But I gave them to Miss S when she turned 5 and she’s been great with them.

  3. Wow, Alisa!! What a fabulous way to celebrate the joy of marbles…I love this! I’m going to pop on over and purchase one for my daughters. Your work is simply top-notch. Thank you so much for your incredibly kind comment at my scbwi post..I am so grateful for your incredible support, dear Alisa! Sending a big hug your way and wishing you joy through this lovely time of year with your kiddos!!

    1. Oh Shirley, thank you so much!! You are such a sweetie! I hope your girls love them. Much love to you and yours. Happy Halloween! 😀 Alisa xx

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