Cheery Stuff!


Hello! Yes I’m still here – sort of – we are in the thick of pom pom making, kite flying, movie going, cupcake making, scooter riding… holiday madness. Had intended to stay ‘under a rock’ until next Monday when school goes back and life returns to some kind of routine but I have some lovely news to share…

Ink Caravan has been featured in Bron’s shiny new Blog in the Spotlight segment over at Village Voices. The company over there is stellar so I am pretty awe-struck  (thanks so much Bron! ) Hi to any new visitors, lovely to have you drop by!   Ok, see you when the school holiday dust has settled – after a bit of a lull I’ve some new work to share. Yay!

ps. Don’t miss the new linky thing over at Blog in the Spotlight, it should make for a treasure trove of lovely blogs to visit.


7 thoughts on “Cheery Stuff!

  1. So glad Bron posted your blog today – i just had the pleasure of discovering your winning trimmings book! stunning! Off to keep exploring your blog – deb xx

    1. Oh thanks so much Deb! I’m so glad you said hello! I bookmarked your blog so I could return when I have a bit more time to read, you have loads of compelling content. 🙂

  2. Yay to you, Alisa! Enjoy the last days of the school holidays with your wee people. Cat xox

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