A Celebration of Bears

Our ‘big’ girl just turned seven – Wow, where did that time go! Surely it was only yesterday that they let me take home this beautiful fragile little bundle. I remember feeling shocked at how irresponsible that seemed – At the time I had no idea how to look after a new born baby. Not a clue. But you wake up one morning and there she is, gorgeous, getting taller by the minute, sporting shoes almost the same size as your own. Amazing!

She had a ‘Build-a-Bear’ party this year. Maybe it’ll kerb the dramatic sighs we hear everytime we walk past the shop (Here’s hoping!). I have to say, watching seven little girls ‘making’ their own furry friends together is seriously sweet stuff – such natural Mums.  So I’m very glad I added a good dollop of the same into the invitations and the party bags. If there’d been a smidge more time some fabric party hats in sweet vintage florals would have made a pretty fab girly trifecta. Nevermind, there were sprinkles of holepunch confetti in every envelope thanks to my punch-happy assistants. And despite the lack of ‘fancy pants’ hats, the bear shindig was a big success. Everyone went home happy with a new furry buddy, a tummy full of cake and a party bag. Life’s good at seven!

ps.  Interestingly neither of my girls actually chose a bear – we now have a rabbit called Floppy and a Pony called Salt.

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23 thoughts on “A Celebration of Bears

  1. How utterly gorgeous! Firstly Alisa, amazing photos (love them!) and fantastic party idea too (inspired!).
    I have no doubt it will be the ‘talked-about’ party of the year on the playground 🙂

    1. Haha, no way Kylie! I am no licorice wealding Willy Wonker! What I really wanted and could’t find was chocolate freckles. Sigh! I loooove chocolate freckles! 🙂

  2. Love your invites and thank you cards… just gorgeous! Such a gorgeous birthday thing to do! Who wouldn’t want to build their own lovely bear/rabbit or pony 🙂 My litttle man has a few from there… they are such special fur friends to have! 🙂 Happy 7th birthday to your not so little girl xxx

  3. Hi Alisa. Chocolate freckles are my favourite go-to cake decorating lolly….that is, if any have survived long enough to make it onto the cake!!!

  4. What stylish party bags, love them! My eldest turned seven a couple of weeks ago – sometimes I look at her and I see her baby face – sometime I see her as she will be, it makes my heart race so.
    Happy Birthday to your big girl. x

    1. Oh Colette, it takes your breath away doesn’t it, how fast they grow. At times I look at my girls and think they’ve grown overnight. A hug for us both for those moments. xx

  5. OH! Seven!! I remember seven very fondly for both of my girls. We just celebrated 11 and 13!! I have a teenager, Alisa, and I just can’t believe it. I remember going home with my little bundle too and how precious it all is, and has been ever since. Goodness, your big girl is adorable..and how awesome is mum with all of the fabulous goodie bag details!! I love the bear decoration. You are amazing!! And wow, you probably will be the coolest mum of the year for throwing a build-a-bear party. That place is so fun, and a must-do if you can afford it of course! The crazy thing is that at Disneyland in CA, there is a “Downtown DIsney” which has a lot of stores and such, and they have a Build-A-Bear, and a boys “Build-a-motorized-car” store..so it is crazy how much $ flows outta parent’s pockets there. Always so lovely to view your posts and a happy belated birthday to your sweet 7 year old!! 🙂

    1. Thanks Shirley. 🙂 I was amazed, actually it was surprisingly well priced and since our flat is short on space and midwinter weather in Melbourne is tricky, indoors it had to be. I also loved the idea of everyone getting a present – I’m trying to teach the value of giving and sharing. The lovely thing is that now when they have playdates they can take along their furry buddies as well and catch up, so sweet. 🙂

  6. This is so so sweet Alisa! wishing a belated birthday to your gorgeous girl!
    The badge and the bags were so nice I wish you would have been my mum in another life :)lol
    Seven is such a sweet time, enjoy!
    Yes when the reach 8 they don’t fit your shoes anymore “sigh” 🙂

    PS: yes I made the little bear in my studio and another for charity, you can find some patterns I am sure!
    Now I know why Mr Bear caught your eyes 🙂
    PPS: Sorry I don’t seem to be able to reply to your post…

  7. The invites and the thankyou’s look great. What a great touch to a build a bear party. We walked past our first shop the other week and my almost 7 year olds heart missed a beat. I didnt know they did parties. What a great idea.

  8. So cute! Love how you added your own touches, and what’s not to love about Build-a-Bear? (Ok, maybe the price. That part bugs me a little, ha ha!) I do love the floppy rabbits they have; it’s what I would pick. 🙂

  9. Such a beautiful party and photographs and memories! I am currently wondering how much energy I have for the twins turning 1; whatever I do it will have to be unrippable, unspreadable and indestructable! Bring on older kids small sweet pretty parties x!

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