Lovely Randomness

Happy Wednesday! Just popped in to share a few super nice things:

Yesterday lovely Susie from Flower Press posted a Show and Tell interview with me. Thanks so much Susie! I’m totally chuffed to be part of such a brilliant series. If you haven’t heard of Flower Press do pop over, Susie’s gorgeous designs will sweep you off your feet. The Chrysanthemums print above is one of my favs.

This morning I made Poh’s Maple Crunch Muesli. The smell as it was toasting in the oven was beyond heavenly with cinnamon and nutmeg eg. but…. Oh MAAAAAN the taste…! It’s that good!

After breakfast I saw this short narrated by Ira Glass and absolutely loved it – thought you might too.


6 thoughts on “Lovely Randomness

  1. That museli looks amazing!! Oh I can almost taste it from here 😉 Love that Ira Glass quote too – I posted on it last month I think… Anyway, it’s fabulous, isn’t? It really gave me encouragement to keep working on my textiles and try and make them better. Great post Alisa and lovely interview at Susie’s too 🙂 Kx

  2. Wonderful post, Alisa! I’ve been so amiss at visiting you..I’m so sorry! I love that you visited so that I could catch up here…first of all CONGRATULATIONS on your Umbrella Prints win!! The book is gorgeous! I just am now following you on Pinterest too..such gorgeous illos you do! And I spy my favorite fox print!

    Also, what a fabulous Ira Glass find! This is so me right now..I must dig into it and work hard…so much to do! : ) Hope you are well and having a super July so far..and thank you for your sweet visit. It’s awesome to know that you enjoyed London so much!! I hope to visit one day in my life! : )

  3. The interview is really interesting, as are all of Susie’s series. Thanks so much for the Ira Glass piece – how encouraging, and it speaks to me right now.

  4. Such a wonderful interview by Susie… Congratulations … I just loved it 🙂

    I absolutely love that Ira Glass video… it’s sooo true hey!

    Right I better get to and do some volume 🙂

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