A Winter Postcard

Winter in Tenterfield is a season of brooding contemplation.
There is a quiet intensity that pervades everything here.
Harsh landscapes and biting winds that take your breath away.
Rolling hills burnt to rust by frost. Deep blue shadows that freeze the far side of every rock.
Campfire flames that greedily lick and blacken each new log.

The perfect place for the mind to wander.

Paintings | The Artist’s Camp,  Tom Roberts | In a Corner on the Macintyre (Thunderbolt in an encounter with police at Paradise Creek),  Tom Roberts | The Heidelberg School artists, particularly Tom Roberts, Arthur Streeton and Frederick McCubbin, have long been some of my favorites. Imagine how utterly chuffed I was when I realized that I had moved into their old Melbourne stomping grounds and that my sense of  déjà vu was completely relevant. It also turns out that one of Captain Thunderbolt‘s favorite haunts was the old Tenterfield racecourse, spitting distance from Dad’s camp. Wonderfully spooky!    


12 thoughts on “A Winter Postcard

  1. I love the Heidelberg school. And I think I’ve been to Captain Thunderbolt’s rock, one of those bushrangers anyway! Lovely pics, sounds like lots of fun 🙂

  2. I can’t believe I’ve followed your boards on pinterest for so long without realising you had a blog. I love the juxtaposition of images and my own discovery of Tom Roberts. Captivating.

  3. I hope you had a wonderful time to replenish! We are collecting some late germs in our home right now…This little pony is so cute, I would have loved to be able to give him a little pat 🙂

  4. Visiting from Flowerpress, and loving your blog. This is a lovely evocative post. My parents were big Tom Roberts fans when I was growing up. Our walls were decorated in huge reprints. Brings back good memories 🙂

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