A Lifting of Spirits

Just popping in to say after an exhausting few weeks of near constant ‘nasty-winter-virus’ attack we are going country. Looking forward to seeing my Dad, roasting marshmallows over a campfire and just generally taking a little time out sketching in the winter sun. And very much looking forward to coming home happy and much healthier. See you soon!

ps. Just like everybody else I have succumbed to Instagram. I have to say I do love it’s immediacy and it’s lovely old world feel. The above shot was taken on our last flight out of Hobart. The atmosphere was the most gobsmackingly intense blue that I was convinced no camera could do justice… still, Instagram got pretty close.


6 thoughts on “A Lifting of Spirits

  1. Gorgeous photo Alisa! Shots like these always get me so excited 🙂 I think it’s perfect for the colour and I agree, the old world feel is gorgeous. I have Instagram on my phone but I can’t get it to work… I can’t access my emails anymore either so obviously something’s up with the internet access etc. It’s probably been a year now that I’m been meaning to do something about that! Looking forward to lots of great pics from you on your holidays! Have a great break 🙂 Kx

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