Umbrella Prints Trimmings Comp 2012

Here is my entry for this years Trimmings Competition – a mixed media concertina book using the gorgeous Umbrella Prints trimmings I received from Carly and Amy. Such a fun palette to play with!

My aim was to create a wordless narrative. One side shows eight women working on a sewing project together, and on the reverse their finished project is revealed. All the panels were joined with a core strip of linen which you can see the frayed edge of at the bottom – I decided not to trim it off, it reminds me of the stray cotton reality of a busy sewing workspace. The bottom two pics are my comp pack and a work in progress shot.

I’d love to write some more about it but right now I’d better just get it in. Can’t wait to see all the amazing entries – you can check them out (ETA) and vote for your favorite here.


29 thoughts on “Umbrella Prints Trimmings Comp 2012

  1. Oh my… how exquisite and wonderful Alisa! Yes, Jess is right actually, it is utterly beyond wonderful but I’m not sure what the name is for that 😉
    Magical super star entry 🙂 Kx

  2. This is so very beautiful Alisa! Such a lovely image and I love how it speaks about craft and community and all the different crafty types. I just wish I could see those other pages that I can only glimpse now!

  3. Wow! Thank you so much! A lot of it was quite experimental, so to get such lovely feedback is utterly brilliant. So much better than I’d hoped. Thank you!! 🙂

    Francesca, thanks for asking about the voting thing – I totally forgot to mention anything about that. You can vote on the 2012 Trimmings Competition Pinterest board, here’s the link:

  4. i absolutely love this. so gorgeous. i want to hold it in my hands. love love love! good luck i hope you win!

  5. i’m so glad i linked over here from pinterest to see the whole piece. it’s brilliant and beautiful! love it!

  6. Hi Alisa – I completely loved your entry when I saw it – its so, so beautiful. Thx for the comment on my pillow : )

  7. Alisa, this is brilliant! Sooo beautiful – I completely adore it and I want it – please let me know, when it is puplished. Congratulations!!!

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