Holiday Tales

I love the Easter holidays, they force me to get out from behind my desk and into the the sunshine with my little buddies.
I’m not sure who enjoys it more, me or them. Although I have my suspicions.

Our days have been beautiful, crisp, clear and packed with mini adventures.
We’ve discovered Silkie chickens have wild hairdos
It is possible to sneak up on a peacock.
A pony’s nose is lovely and soft in the palm of your hand, but their teeth are not.
And the most beautiful green field in the entire world is in Collingwood.

Hope your Easter break was full of lovely surprises too.


10 thoughts on “Holiday Tales

  1. Beautiful photos as always. I love your daughters charming drawing of a peacock, takes after Mum for sure. We had a lovely week last week, checking out parks with our friends. It’s pouring rain here in Sydney. Not sure what to do this week.

  2. Such beautiful images of your life, Alisa! Oh, the memories you’re making with our little one. The farm looks to be a delightful place to take the kids. I can’t imagine sneaking up on a peacock! Glad you did it successfully! : ) We had a wonderful Easter too..the weather couldn’t have been nicer and we had a lot of relatives and friends over. We also smashed a lot of confetti eggs too. : ) Always so so very kind of you to pop by!! : )

  3. Gorgeous photos of what looks a wonderful easter… nothing like little adventures I say 🙂

  4. sounds heavenly. my easter was a bit damp unfortunately so we didn’t get out as much as we wanted. but that’s england for you 😦
    all i know about collingwood is that my brother in law is a big fan of the footie team! but the farm looks lovely. x

  5. Hi Alisa 🙂 I’m having a bit of trouble commenting on your blog so I’m trying new methods (apologies if there’s more than one comment registering too!)
    I love your photos and it looks like a wonderful break! Always good to lift the head from the drawing board every so often and clear the mind 🙂 Take care! Kx

  6. Hi Kylie, thanks for bearing with it. : ) Both came through right as rain (no worries with the multiple)
    Have a great weekend. x

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