Man, it’s hard to get that first post out of the way after a blogging hiatus! I’ve been away so much longer than I ever intended – especially given one of my 2012 resolutions was to fatten up this famished blog. Never mind, lets pretend we’re all operating on some ancient, slightly longer calendar… HAPPY NEW YEAR!  : )

Life has been busy busy around here. I’m juggling work on a new online portfolio, printing for my pending Etsy shop and trying to catch the last precious moments of summer between being fried and being soaked.

There’s been a few hiccups, particularly with Gocco supplies. Nehoc have sold out of B5 screens and their inks are dwindling rapidly. I knew Gocco was on it’s way out but I also ‘knew’ that they had supplies for another four years, factoring in panic buying. But apparently panic buying has been completely nuts – which makes complete sense. After all, it’s not just buying in a bit of a hurry, it’s PANIC!!

Like ‘Greased Lightning‘, I ordered inks from Japan, grabbed what screens I could and bought a vault* to keep them in. But after organizing a 24hour armed guard* and cradling a large mug of camomile I realized that the whole thing actually isn’t all that bad. It’ll force me to design very carefully to suit what the Gocco does best and it’ll move me over to other printing methods – which is great because there are so many lovely techniques to try.

Sadly opening my Etsy shop has been a bit delayed but on the bright side printing is now at fever pitch. So thankful that I’m working on a natural subject that makes the most of all of the Gocco happy accidents – loving those dappled leaves.

p.s. Do check out the link, it’s hilarious!

* Truth stretched beyond all recognition  


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  1. Lovely to have you back Alisa! God that is scary about the Gocco supplies, i hope you find a secret stash of them somewhere.
    I’m excited to see your shop when it is open whenever that is.
    and thank you so much for your lovely comment before about my show. It truly meant a lot and I’m sad too you didn’t know about it and get to come.
    it would have been lovely to meet you ! xo

  2. I’m SO happy to see your wonderful avatar at my blog..thank you Alisa for visiting..you made my day. Oh, what a beautiful post – the beach, your sweet little one, your amazing work..I always feel as though I’m in one lovely vacation spot when I visit you – so many beautiful things to enjoy. : ) Can’t wait to til your shop opens..keep me posted, ok?!

    Baby bear and goldilocks is one of a new series of illos that I’m working on (a personal project)…I’m so behind on my next piece but hope to get cracking on that one..thank you for your lovely words..you are so kind!

    And gosh, that gocco..glad you have your supplies – so far, the piece is lovely from what I see! : )

  3. hello, happy new year! my what gorgeous photos. don’t rush it, etsy will be ready and waiting for when you are ready, all very exciting. so sad about gocco though. i never had a chance to get into it, what a shame. glad to see you back here. x

  4. Glad to see you back blogging!! 🙂 I’ve just returned back to Japan and my Etsy shop and have HEAPS of ink and lots of screens too in case you still need. I’ll be happy to help wherever I can…



  5. I must admit to having a stash of gocco and not using them for ages. I’m a bit conflicted, I know if I enjoy using what I’ve got I’m going to go through withdrawals again!
    Looking forward to seeing the final prints, they look beautiful.
    Are you on instagram? I’m flowerpress over there too.

  6. I had no idea that gocco was being phased out… why??? What a strange world we live in where everything moves out of fashion and is discarded. Love these photos and very glad you could find some supplies in Japan…. I’ve been dreaming about going to Japan again 🙂
    That video was such a blast from the past! How funny 🙂 Kx

    1. Hi Kylie,

      I know, it’s a crying shame! I spoke to the owner of Nehoc in Sydney – he said he had travelled to the RISO factory in Japan hoping that the RISO technicians might be able to replicate the special thickness of the GOCCO ink. They just couldn’t do it! It makes it sound as if the recipe was secret and it was burned as soon as production stopped. He said that no matter what, once a Japanese business makes a decision, that’s it. They will not reverse it even if the profit margin has changed.

      It’s so sad. I’m not sure what to do with mine after my supplies end – I think some experimenting might be in order. I’m still fantasizing about printing with watercolor pigments and rice paste 🙂

      Isn’t that clip fun – who would’ve thought that standing on your head in the engine bay of a car could be made into a dance move. 😀 x Alisa

  7. All that everyone else said – great to see you back here, and to hear what’s happening. Your foxes are totally divine. I was actually thinking “why would someone squeeze out so much ink for a photo?” when I first saw it, but now I get it!

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