A Little Rabbit Lost, and a Rosie Monkey Found

What do you do when the littlest loses their special friend?
When she loses her special friend and his body double (oh yes, we bought two)…?

Search high and low for the strangely absent seller.
Find out the company is in receivership.
Find a brown paper bag.
Ring hands. Pace.
Consider making a look alike.
Remember amateur toymaker status.
Ring hands. Pace…
Email Fiona at Hop Skip Jump (aka the cavalry)!

Bless Fiona, she makes the sweetest special friends (and gorgeous books). And she very kindly sent a little extra fabric so I could make Rosie her own matching travellers bag to carry her Belizean passport, tickets, letter from her new friend ‘Little Rabbit’, photo of Sienna (to help recognize her) and an all important  snack.

The look on the birthday girl’s face when she answered the door was priceless!

The last shots show another birthday pressie, ‘Toot and Puddle’, a gorgeous book about best friends with different loves – One little pig who loves to go on adventures and see the world and one who celebrates staying at home. The illustrations by Hollie Hobby are beautiful and the sentiment just right. Who knows maybe Little Rabbit will decide to come home one day.


12 thoughts on “A Little Rabbit Lost, and a Rosie Monkey Found

  1. What a lucky little girl!
    Quite jealous actually. Wish some one would send the adults of this world such amazing, loving and thoughtful presents. Humm food for thought!

  2. We have, multiple times, lost a monkey friend, and once a bear friend. The monkey friend (named HaHa) even spent the night in a fabric store. I am terrified of the day we can’t find them again!

    What a lovely substitute, and such a neat way to help her make the transition!

  3. OMG…. awwwww… what a beautiful and adorable post! We have a “back up blankie” Luckily we haven’t lost either… yet!

    What a lucky little bithday girl! **Happy birthday** Rosie is so gorgeous and I just LOVE the little letter… sooooo sweet! SO happy it all ended well 🙂

    LOVE Fiona’s softies book… especially the little monkey 😉

    Hope you guys have a wonderful xmas xxx

  4. SO beautiful, Alisa. I love the whole story you came up with the explain monkey’s arrival! That photo of her kissing Rosie makes me a bit misty-eyed! Total sweetness. Thanks for letting me play a tiny part in this lovely exchange. xx

  5. LOVELY, Alisa! I’m thrilled to hear/see that your sweet little one has a new friend..oh, the photos, the story (the ringing of the hands..I’d be right there too!). How clever Fiona is!! Happy belated birthday to dear Sienna! I have a Sierra! : )

    Wishing you a lovely 2012 ahead..it’s been a joy visiting you now and again and I will be back in the new year! Hugs!

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