Post Halloween Hocus-Pocus

I’ve been turning three toddler dresses into preschooler skirts, all without eye of newt or a slippery toad – much to the disappointment of our budding zoologists who’d be more than happy to help me find either.

Feeling pretty chuffed at how well they all turned out and how you can’t tell that the bodice of each dress, which had been well dribbled and gooped on, was ever there at all. Love that! … Is that a wart on the end of my nose!?


In other news – just like magic my stitchy mojo has returned strangely coinciding with the arrival of some gorgeous fabric from Belinda. Part of a stunningly beautiful parcel of Gretchen Mist goodies she sent me just before my blog break. I can’t stop looking at it. It’s so much better in real life than I can capture through the lens. All those sketchy details are lovely and the cloth itself is buttery soft. I’m going to have tough time cutting into it for sure. Hmm … wonder if Belinda has a wart on her nose?!  ; ) 

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13 thoughts on “Post Halloween Hocus-Pocus

  1. That’s a great idea turning dresses into skirts! It have would be such a shame not to!!! Love that pretty little flower fabric… so cute!

    LOVE Belinda’s work… I am slighlty green with envy… I will have to save up my pennies and get some for my stash so I can stare at it too 🙂

  2. great job with the dress ~ you should snip while your confidence is up!! and while the wart is working 🙂
    thanks for posting your gorgeous shots of the fabric here ~ love your photos.

  3. Since when does the magic fairy princess have a wart!? You’ve done a wonderful job… magic I’d say 😉 I love Belinda’s fabric designs too – I’ve recently received a stash myself. Just gorgeous, and the ribbon she ties around her fabric bundles is divine, don’t you think? Kx

  4. Now, you may have been doing the exact opposite of me… and they look lovely, by the way – lovely photos! But THREE TIMES OVER! Do you mean to tell me that some people don’t actually make stuff for their kids on the morning of the occasion they need the clothes for? Wow!

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