Put an owl on it

Recently I was approached by Shivani of My Owl Barn blog to participate in her Owl Lovers 2012 Calendar project. It’s a really sweet idea – 45 international artists submit an illustration, you choose your 12 favs, marry them with a month and Voila!  You have your very own free calendar.

So here is my first ever owl, the ‘sweet as all get out’ Eastern Screech Owl. His feathery coat has the most gorgeous pattern which camouflages insanely well when he is sitting in a hollow of his favorite tree. Some have feathery coats in silvery grey some in rusty brown. But the most surprising thing about him is how small he is. We don’t get these guys in Australia and I guess I imagined he was more of a Harry Potter parcel delivery size owl. In reality he can happily sit on your index finger … Awww!

Along with my snoozing fox he’ll soon be part of a set of four sleepy woodland creatures. Which will go into my Etsy shop set to open Feb 2012. Eep! – dates can be scary things, must write that down on a calendar!


11 thoughts on “Put an owl on it

  1. Lovely!!I got my owl calendar last year for my daughter…even more reason to get it again this year! 🙂
    And WOW, congratulations on the Etsy site! xx

  2. I found you through the Owl Barn blog. This is one of my favorites!! I live in RI, USA and have seen screech owls many times. The ones that live here are usually reddish brown and super small, fitting in the palm of your hand (not that I have ever held one) 🙂 Congrats I hope this brings you much business! best wishes~ Mary

  3. Alisa, I am just blown away by your work..this sweet little owl compositionally, and beautifully illustrated is a gem! I can’t wait to see your set of woodland creatures in your new Etsy shop..they will surely be a hit. I can’t wait to get my hands on this sweet one. : ) Always so good to check in..and I do hope things are better..take good care!

  4. Hi Alisa *waving* thank you so much for your nice comment on my blog. It happens that your owl is one of my favourites too 🙂 And for the texture of the cats: I scanned in a paper which I’d covered with ink and then changed the colour of it in Photoshop and multiply these two.

  5. Hello dear Alisa! Congrats to you my dear friend, your owl illustration has appeared on My Owl Barn 2012 calender. Also, do gear up for opening the brand new etsy shop. I will be there for look out and support for sure. Love love all your works.

    We keep in touch OK.

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