Hello Spring

Spring has truly sprung. All the tell-tale signs are there – I have an awful *SNIFF!* snotty cold and the littlest possum and I have been madly cramming small jam jars with ‘suburban wildflowers’ (ie. a loose term including anything rangy that no one will miss).

I’m grateful for these scrappy little bouquets. I’m no green thumb, I have no lush borders erupting blossom – but I am working on making my foxy card part of a series of four sleepy woodland creatures. So it’s helpful to peer at the intricacies in each flower and steal design ideas from the best source possible. Of course the upside of having a cold is I can stick my nose right in each one; pollen hasn’t a chance of getting up there… Bees, however, are another story.

Hope you’re enjoying the changing seasons wherever you are. Happy Creative Space Thursday!


19 thoughts on “Hello Spring

  1. I enjoy all flowers, but especially the wild ones. Great inspiration! (We’ve got nothing but pouring rain all week this week and hints of Autumn in the air, which still makes me want to see drawings of little foxes.) 🙂

  2. We share a similar delight in peeking right inside the spring blossoms at the moment although I must admit I’m using the zoom on my camera to keep me at a safe distance from those very busy bees.

    Your first capture is glorious and I can’t wait to see the whole ‘foxy’ series when it’s completed.

    Hoping that this day is sunny and bright,
    xx Felicity

    PS: I’ve found the saline nasal sprays to be an absolute necessity at this time of the year for keeping all the snuffles at bay – works a treat!

  3. What a lovely drawing, it does justice to those pretty flowers you found. Your blog is beautiful, I wish I had the time to look somemore. I’ll be back when I do. Get well soon x

  4. Beautiful post…made me feel most tranquil!

    I have been neglecting my own blog and blog visiting for quite a while (busy busy busy with work, so that’s kinda good?!) – so it was lovely to pop over to your blog to see you still posting your beautiful images! Just had a browse back… noted your Jane Eyre post – the film is coming out here this weekend and I can’t wait! So you recommend it then?!

    Great to ‘speak’ to you again! I will be blogging more after I have finished the big project I am working on, hopefully…


    (And brownies win every time, obviously.)

  5. thanks for the beautiful blossoms – i love spring! and the snoozing creature series will be so sweet. hope you can chase those sniffles away. much love xxx

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