Sea Dogs and Cat Burglars

Currently making another foxy brooch as a gift for someone very sweet. The work flow hasn’t really had too much flow about it. It’s been more stitch, stop, stitch, stop. As new brooch ideas pop into mind and I hurry to scribble them down before they evaporate. Stitching turns out to be perfect for daydreaming. Maybe I should do it more often.

Looking at these it occurs to me that I have no trouble what-so-ever with starting a project in a ‘gung ho’, completely enthused kinda way. But finishing something, well that deserves it’s own ticker-tape parade complete with marching bands, epic floats, parade balloons and a speech by the Queen!ā€¦ Well no, it’s not quite that bad. Maybe this month should be dubbed a month of finishings or MOF for short. A month just to clear the decks. Then next month I can run amok on new random wanderings, Maria Kalman style. I loved this fab TED talk she did, so inspiring!

Speaking of inspiring, don’t forget to pop into Our Creative Spaces. It’s inspiration central!


19 thoughts on “Sea Dogs and Cat Burglars

  1. Such an inspiring place you have here Alisa, I love how you fix your ideas before they evaporate (so true!)Your friend will be so happy, enjoy the relaxing stitching.I could not get that talk will have to try again?
    And also,Thanks so much for your sweet words they mean so much at that particular strange time of mine, and please do pin that colour I shall “repin” it on mine (and follow you too) Looks like we share that LOVE for visual stimulation šŸ™‚
    Have a beautiful Friday.
    Sandrine xx

  2. Super cute little sketches! I love the cat-burgler that you have šŸ™‚ I got my sketchbook at (Canada). The paper is nice, I really like it – with all that watercolour spatter, it still didn’t go through to the other side (a teensy bit rippled, but you get that unless you got super thick paper).

    The company is ‘Artist’s Handbook’ I think. It’s really nice and has a little pocket in the back. It’s my first time getting this sketchbook, and I think I will stick with this company for now one: it’s sleek, great paper and affordable. I think I will be getting the landscape one after this one is full…the odd size of it is inspiring in itself.

    Here’s the exact link:

  3. wow, you are so so talented. i have so much respect for people like you who can draw and paint like you do (and possibly other skills too…?). your black swan ink sketching is really magical. i loved the movie too, so deep and moving. thank you for the lovely comments on my blog. x

  4. Oh I love your fox brooches šŸ™‚ Exciting to see you doing another one. And your new ideas look fabulous too – there’s so much personality in those sketches. Really loving the idea of a MOF – every so often I’m looking for something and come across an unfinished ‘thing’… I’ve been putting them in a box as I find them, but that box is getting pretty full šŸ˜‰ The Maira Kalman talk… OMG – it was wonderful! It looks like a great site in general too. I’ve bookmarked for more look-sees. Thanks Alisa – great space šŸ™‚ Kx

  5. Oh love the cat burglers! They remind me of another cat much loved by your daughter, no doubt! Another foxy brooch, well done.

    I do declare next year to be the year I finish off some projects… I have way to many unfinished things, it drives my husband mental.

  6. The sketches are great – I love the salty sea dogs! And yay for another fox! I have a giant pile of things to finish too, a month of finishings sounds like a great idea šŸ™‚

  7. i love maria kalman. i’ve watched that ted talk too, it’s great. kylie at 3 sheets is doing an MOF, i commented to her that i needed a YOF! i am exactly the same, no problem starting things, it’s finishing them that’s the hard part.
    by the way, i just answered both your questions over on my etsy featured blog post. thanks for the sweet comment. x

  8. Love the sketches! I totally understand about starting but having trouble finishing. I’m horrible with that. In fact, I think that it will take me a year to finish my unfinished projects…

    I’m excited to see what happens with these sketches!

  9. Hi Alisa, thank you for ‘visiting’ me over on my blog and for your lovely comment.
    I’ve been having a lttle look around ‘your place’, it’s always nice to find some one new!
    I love your little foxy brooch and you sketches are lovely little works of art. šŸ™‚
    Nice to meet you,
    Vivienne x

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