Waiting for Jane

Spent a good part of the weekend doing boring, but necessary, domestic stuff and househunting but did manage to squeeze in some loose ink sketching. Can’t help noticing my current leanings in this one. Having loved the delicious gothic edge to Black Swan I’m ‘champing at the bit’ to see Jane Eyre; especially after reading this. I even have a babysitter all lined up. I can’t wait! There is endless cinematic beauty in pairing wild dramatic landscapes with human fragility. And nothing better than watching a strong woman weather all that is thrown at her and remain true to herself.

Images | Morning light in the valley, Alkiza | Pressed Flower, Sun in her eyes Tumblr | Geister, Westpark | To view larger or for licencing click on image titles.| Sketched portrait in ink and watercolor on paper,  Alisa Coburn 


6 thoughts on “Waiting for Jane

  1. Hi Leonie. Oh you got me there. Yes, I have read it, but I admit it was a long, long time ago. I think when I was in my late teens and was feeling fairly tortured myself. Appropriate really. 🙂 And aside from that I’ve seen a couple of adaptions – I absolutely loved the tv mini series with Toby Stevens as Rochester.

    I have started rereading my old copy but wonder if I should put it down till after I’ve seen the movie. And just see where the movie takes me, in it’s own right. I’d love to do a series of illustrations loosely based on Jane Eyre… maybe a zine…

    There’s a bit early up in the book where Jane is reading that really struck a cord on what you take from a story and how close to the text you decide to go…

    ‘Of these death-white realms I formed an idea of my own: shadowy, like all the half-comprehended notions that float dim through children’s brains, but strangely impressive. The words in these introductory pages connected themselves with the succeeding vignettes, and gave significance to the rock standing up alone in a sea of billow and spray; to the broken boat stranded on a desolate coast; to the cold and ghastly moon glancing through bars of cloud at a wreck just sinking.’

    So wonderful!! xx Alisa

  2. Oh…..I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! and your comment is greatly appreciated. The character of jane is so complex. Sometimes you think she is weak others she is gutsy and strong. I so too would love to see the movie. I have the BBC version here on dvd and thought it was brilliant. I am concerned though that the 2 hour limit on hollywood movies may cut out the good bits.

    The bigger question…to read again or see movie? I don’t know…the book is great when you read it as a changed, stronger person…you may see it in a whole different light.

    Good Luck with what ever you decide. xx

  3. Hi Alisa!

    Beautiful colours, I think I must see Black Swan. My husband saw it on the plane to Hong Kong and said it was haunting.

    Did you see the new version of Upstairs Downstairs on TV recently? They are only doing a three part series, but I want more.

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