It’s school holidays… again… where did that term go. It’s all systems go on the home front but sadly not much on the creative. We’ve started the holidays in wonderful mid-winter style, timing a couple of kid-seeking lergys with being one parent short. So until the jetsetting Mr returns and Daddy Daycare reopens I’m on a mission to get as many vitamins into our systems as possible. I’m taking on the ‘Getting a Fussy Four Year Old to Eat Greens’ Challenge. Which is the height of creativity in it’s own right.

A while ago when I saw this recipe on Morrgan’s sweet blog I swear the heavens parted and angels sang. It was bookmarked at the speed of light. It’s got heaps, literally heaps, of zucchinis smuggled within it’s moist cake body and it’s got gooey cream cheese icing on top.  I figured she’ll love it, it’s a winner for sure.

I did all the grating on the sly and the littlest was sniffing the yummy baking smells and helping smooth on the icing in no time. All the while I’m thinking if we pull this off it could be the smoothest con of all time.  I sprinkled on some flaked almonds and served it up trying not to drool all the while. And then we waited, perched on the edge of our seats as she took a nibble …  smiled …  inhaled the icing and …

… tossed the rest.

Needless to say the zucchinis are jubilant. Cheeky sods!


9 thoughts on “Smuggling

  1. So funny Alisa! It looks delicious to me! My little guy is super picky too. Tonight he wouldn’t eat a cookie because it had nuts in it. What can you do? I give you props for all your hard effort here! Poor Zucchini!


  2. Ha ha ha… too funny!! It just kills you when you put in such an effort and they turn their little noses up.. it looks really yummy to me!!! At least the zuchini’s are happy… for now 🙂

  3. oh Alisa this is brilliant! Chris (my partner) makes the slice (onion/cheese/etc) that yes I can inhale but the kids won’t touch it… but this … this is perfect.. indeed veggies smuggled into cake and not just any veggie .. a green one!!!

  4. Hilar! Love the illustrations! Have you tried the zucchini chocolate cake? Divinely chocolatey and hides the zucchini. Our only problem is the small one doesn’t like chocolate!

  5. Looks delicious! I’ve been making zucchini and carrot fritters. But I decided that the vegies need to be grated finely for hiding effectively. Carrot hides better than zucchini. 🙂

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