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Ta Dah!! Here is my Gocco-ed fox with his final colour, all done and dusted. I can hardly believe it myself.
I promised I’d show you soon and I am, without getting distracted by a new idea. Yikes! I could be setting myself a new standard.

I’m so happy with the way he turned out despite the many lessons learnt in the process. Some were embarrassingly obvious, some not so much. But most due purely to over-enthusiasm. Anyway I wrote myself some notes and if you’re a gung-ho Gocco-er like me you might find them useful too.

Gocco tips for the over-enthusiastic:

  • Take your time making up artwork for screens. Check and double-check. Otherwise you can spend donkey’s years getting things registered and centered properly.
  • Have the paper merchant cut all your stock to size, especially when you don’t have a guillotine.
  • Blocking can be cut mega-thin and ink puddles spread further with each press. So use it and apply before inking the screen.
  • Respect Gocco ink. Gocco ink is sticky. Super sticky!
  • Gocco printing comes with inherent irregularities. So play with them. Play with the amount of pressure applied to the handle and different types of stock. Design to make the most of it.
  • Allow at least 24-48 hours drying time (in cooler weather) before stacking your prints to avoid transfer.
  • Dark colours in small areas look darker. Dark gray looks black in line work. So ask yourself is it worth hand mixing ink for smaller areas if there is only a subtle difference.
  • Registration will shift no matter how careful you are, don’t worry that’s part of the Gocco charm.



And the other thing that is apparently finished is Autumn. I downloaded some leafy photos I took a little while ago only to notice that those trees have shaken off practically all of their lovely crimson and now look quite skeletal. Not that I mind, I love winter. But without seeing these shots I would never have guessed how completely influenced by the Autumn palette I’ve been. Now I’m looking forward to what winter will bring.

Right, now I’m off to see what the other Creative Spacers have been up to. So much goodness in one place!


22 thoughts on “All finished

  1. Absolutely love the colours in you foxy print and the vintage shade of blue in your photos… your print makes me want to stock up on my gocco supplies!

  2. Your fox is beautiful. And I love how you’ve done two projects so recently that have fed off each other. I want to see someone with a gocco one day. It sounds good and messy.

  3. These photos are just magical Alisa! Love them, and you know already I’m a BIG FAN of your gorgeous fox 🙂 Interesting reading over your Gocco advice. I’ve always been intrigued by the process but I’ve so far resisted taking on yet another craft that will get neglected 😉 Very happy to admire yours though – it’s lovely 🙂 Kx

  4. Phew! I am also very intrigued about Mr Gocco 🙂 looks like it is a long process with lots of tips to remember!
    I think the end result is wonderful and I love how you can join the dots and find the inspiration source in that Autumnal surrounding.The photos are also a delight! Well done Alisa.
    PS: I am glad you found the BeBe Bold link useful, beware of the addiction of their fabric and stuff 🙂
    Have a nice weekend.
    Sandrine x

  5. That is truly a beautiful illustration. You’re very talented! (Mr Fox looks so peaceful too…)

    Really love that colour palette you’ve chosen. Was it inspired by the photo of Autumn?

    (Thanks for coming by my blog, so lovely to have you visit.)

  6. My, my so many foxes! These look great, I love all those autumnal colours. I just read your face to face meeting with a fox – I had one too, but the little swine came right into my living room. Thankfully he left without fuss, but I’m not keen on them now, they are far too cocky for my liking.
    Thanks also for the screenshot tips – I’m going to give it a go.

  7. Have you ever seen the movie The Fox and The Child? You might just love it too. You seem to ‘get’ foxes – gocco-ed and not!

    (and that top shot is all kinds of autumny wonderful)…

  8. Love your sleeping fox! The piece has such a nice retro feel. I’d never heard of the gocco printing machine so I had to scroll back to your earlier post. It’s nice to see the photos along with what they inspired. The little brooch is great, too!

  9. Ah!!! Alisa! I am just floored by this gorgeous piece! I love it!!!! I hope you are putting these up for sale somewhere…do you have a shop? An Etsy shop or so? I would be so inclined to purchase one…it is lovely and you are so very talented! Gocco…it is such a forgotten art and thank you for posting this as I will someday need to try it…wow.!!!

  10. Hello,
    Thank you for the lovely comments on my work at Meet Me At Mikes! I’m loving your foxy Gocco, along with many of your other pieces, your faces are brilliant!
    Tilly 😉

  11. He’s absolutely gorgeous! Reading your story in your previous post about coming face to face with the fox in London reminded me; my partner lived in Southfields for a bit when he was a kid and they had a family of foxes that lived in their garden, and sometimes the baby foxes would sneak into their house! I’m working on designing a gocco print of an Indian Runner duck at the moment 🙂

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