There is something a little romantic about foxes. I have to admit before living in London I’d never given them much thought. Never wondered if there were anything in the sly, craftiness badge. But late one night, on my way home through the sleepy streets of Southfields I came face to muzzle with a sleek red fox apparently out for a stroll. I stopped, he stopped. We both stared for what seemed like an eternity. Then, having deduced that I wasn’t much of a threat, he continued on his way. You’d guess a little more briskly and in the opposite direction, since I am a tad larger. But no, no, no. He strolled right past me. Right under my nose at an entirely leisurely saunter. Bold as brass.

That’s a kind of confidence you just have to admire. And to be cunning, to be a trickster I imagine you would have to have bucket loads of the stuff. Which brings me to the title of this post. I finally have a project I wanted to try out on my Gocco, and since it’s been, ahem, quite a while since my last Gocco frenzy I may need a bucket load of daring myself.

So this last week it’s been all busy-ness on paper rather than online. Designing, illustrating, mixing inks, working out how the whole registration thing works, playing with how much pressure to apply etc. etc. and writing lots of notes for next time. Oh yes, there most definitely will be a next time, I already have a design in mind. I’ll post some pics of the finished print soon and hopefully the winter light will play nice.


p.s. Thank you so much for all your sweet comments about my little snoozing fox. I can’t tell you how chuffed I am that you like him and you took the time to say. You are sweeties one and all! I’ve just finished nestling him in his packaging and he’ll be on his way tomorrow. I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone else has done, so far there have been so many gorgeous brooches. Such a fab idea Susie!


Images | Fox on our fence, Hatchibombotar | Fox nap, Pat Gaines | To view larger or for licencing click on image titles.


9 thoughts on “Foxing

  1. I had rarely seen foxes in Melbourne (and I grew up in one of the outer semi rural ‘burbs) but I too, in good old south London, saw my first real live, cheeky, foxes up close. Wandering the well lit streets at night, not a care in the world, and definitely not bothered by us humans. They are intriguing animals indeed.
    Love your Gocco foxes, they look so sweet napping.

  2. so lovely alisa! we had a massive fox in our garden the other day. completely nonchalent! i would love to gocco one day when i have the time. x

  3. ooooh!! a gocco of your fox! so sweet. And you have the bigger gocco machine too, they look like so much fun, I have the little one and always wondered how much fun the bigger one would be. Thanks for all of your lovely comments on my blog xxx Yes I was excited to find Jenni’s work and bought one of her paintings as a print.

  4. Its been way too long since I got my gocco out. I love the idea of your fox on paper, can’t wait to see the finished print. And how amazing is that first photo!

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