Lately I’ve been drawn to the palette in these beautiful images. Nut browns, Delphinium purples and mustard yellows. I love the sombre feeling of the purples and browns and how even just a touch of  yellow instantly lifts them. Speaking of brown, did you know that nut brown was the most loved colour of the Edwardian Era? It’s true. So much so, it was thought to be very unfortunate to be blonde. I always wondered why brown was ever present in early 1900s clothing and homes.

I love putting together image montages, it’s become a valuable part of the process for me and a lot of fun. It helps finding an atmosphere for an illustration.  But I’ve been wondering whether it would be even simpler to start up a Tumblr or Pinterest page like this or this… hmmm.

Images | Untitled, Lesley Kerr | Misty Forest, Tariel | Edwardian Portrait, Otto Sarony Co. | Life is Love, YvesMorning Awakening 1876, Eva Gonzales. To view larger or for licencing click on image titles.


6 thoughts on “Atmosphere

  1. Thanks for sharing:)
    I really love the images that you have selected here!
    All with the right atmosphere!

  2. Hi Alisa, I love that last painting. Gorgeous. And loving your work in general! Have become a follower. Am about to look at your about page – are you in Australia?

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