Carnations and Corsets


Just popping in to post some work in progress roughs.

Working on this illustration it’s easy to be completely absorbed in this era. The contrasts that exist within it are stark and completely compelling. I’m fascinated by the Edwardian love of the great outdoors, of wonderful wild gardens, picnics, boating and plein air painting and yet this was a society trussed up in a rigid system of old fashioned etiquette and class structure. Having said that, who wouldn’t want a time machine to go back and see those Gibson Girl cinched waists, enormous ‘Merry Widow’ hats and ride the Daddy Long Legs.

Try this link for amazing things to see in our era, thanks Kirsty.

Image | Lily Elsie Postcard 1909, Wikipedia.


3 thoughts on “Carnations and Corsets

  1. It is an interesting era. I’m finding period homes on “Escape to the country” a real eye opener… we don’t have a lot of buildings like that here.

  2. Thank u for your comment in my illustration.
    Your blog is absolutely beautiful! Love the scheme of the entries and the quality and work on the images. Congratulations 🙂

  3. Oh Alisa, I love it. It reminds me of my gorgeous Aunt Barbara (she was very British and proper but so gentle and loving). Great work. Kx

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