Swallowed up by the holidays


We’ve been momentarily swallowed up by the holidays. Swept away on the smell of warm Hot cross buns, crisp sea breezes and freshly sharpened coloring pencils. All over a bit too soon. Hope your Easter break was gorgeous too.


9 thoughts on “Swallowed up by the holidays

  1. alisa, i found you through elk’s blog. how lovely to scroll down this page. your photos are dreamy. your book addressing cancer, inspiring, kind & beautiful. colors, beach runs & finds, & all of it…so much to rest & rejoice in. xox

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous pics. I just love that top one.
    Ours holiday was wonderful and over too soon.
    But only 2 months until our caravan adventure and no routine every day. Hooray!

  3. oh my gosh… that starfish picture!! stunning!
    i hope you had a lovely holiday, too… i’m a little late, but visiting from ELK’s site.

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