A Beach Story

I love the beach! I grew up there. My Dad was a surfer and I was a very proud ‘Nipperette’. With all the wading races, the flags races, the yellow and black nipper cap and matching cossies; sand between your toes and filling the gusset in your cossies (apparently the younger you are the more sand you can get in there… !)

So you can imagine how important it was that my small people be part-mermaid. OK, I should quickly add that I’m not a ‘hot-housing’ type Mum. No, not at all. But teaching my kids how to play in the waves safely is pretty important. So we chose a pretty, calm beach and away we went. I’d hoped they ‘d love it but had no idea that the unbridled enthusiasm of the eldest would instantly eclipse mine the moment her foot fell on sand.

From the moment we arrived it was sheer chaos. Like an overwound wind-up toy she was off; an insanely happy three year old magnetically drawn to churning water, marooned stingy jellyfish, broken glass, you name it… drawn to them at stomach churning speed. A blur up and down the beach. The seagulls never stood a chance. Our relaxed walk along the waters edge, our magnificent sandcastles, our yummy picnic… none of it stood a chance. The most relaxing part of the trip was the moment we strapped her back into her car seat. Whereupon she instantly ‘crashed’, still smiling.

We live and learn. : )


10 thoughts on “A Beach Story

  1. Alisa,
    I love your story and picture. My kids are beach newbies as well so I really appreciate that!
    Love your art work too.

  2. I love this Alisa. The drawing, the story all of it.
    I’m not really a beachy type but in July when we head off on our caravan adventure I hope to spend the best part of four months at the beach.
    I hope my girls will discover their mermaid tails and love the salty, sandy everything.

  3. I pinch myself every time I see how much my three love the beach and bushwalking and travel and adventures.
    How wonderful that your girl is a natural too 🙂

  4. Hi Alisa,
    Thanks for your little visit 🙂
    I am always admirative of the way most people in Oz are so confident and educated about water safety!
    Such a great life skills over here and great you can pass it on to your little one!
    Have a great weekend.
    Sandrine x

  5. Wow! Soooooooo wonderful, Alisa. The story, the beautiful illustration, the memory of that smile…just perfection. I love the beach, myself and I think one of the best moments in my entire life is bringing my little one(s) to the beach for the first time. Sand? oh my..it was amazing to my first born..she wanted to eat a fist of it, it was hilarious..but to watch those little toes smoosh in and out of the sand was absolute heaven. I thank you for bringing me back to that blissful place. : ) Have a wonderful weekend!

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