A New Chapter


Howdy stranger, hard to believe it’s been a year already. I hope life has treated you ridiculously well and 2011 is looking good.

Since my last post change has been the order of the day around here; lots of change and new beginnings. Sprucing, selling, exploring, finding, renting. In fact a big rethink. The caravan has hitched the ponies, pulled up stumps and moved south to Melbourne. And we’re loving it. This place is chock-full of surprises.

What can I tell you about the leafy green suburb of Northcote… we are only 8 minutes from the city centre and yet have whisper quiet nights. So long flight path! We have found sweet weatherboard cottages, environmentally-minded peeps, a gurgling muddy creek, amazing street art, a grand old picture theatre and a wonderful mish-mash high street. We have seen hot air balloons in the skies at dawn and vast fruit bat flocks at dusk. The coffee is pure perfection and everywhere you look people travel by bicycle.

We have a new city, new projects and new adventures to blog about. It’s a brand new chapter.


11 thoughts on “A New Chapter

  1. So lovely to hear from you!

    Sounds like you’ve had an amazingly busy time whilst not blogging – lots of changes (which all sound rather exciting!)

    Glad you’re back…I’m off to find some stripey tights, Dr Suess eat your heart out!!

  2. Sounds like amazing and exciting changes. I only just saw your email addy in my address book today and thought, “that’s someone I haven’t heard of in a while” and here you are. The universe is funny like that!

  3. Alisa!!!!!!!!
    Hoooooray! I have missed you and the Ink Caravan. What a joy to see that you are back..you sound refreshed, your post is full of visual delights…oh my, that coffee, the picket fence, your beautiful sketch (illustration I say!). I am happy that you sound rested, excited for this new chapter and are home in your wonderful town. It sounds delightful..we moved about 4 years ago from a busy, overcrowded neighborhood to farm country and it is fabulous (the quiet, and lack of cars)..so I hope you find tons of time to enjoy discovering your new surroundings with sketches and photos and illustrations. Hooooray, you’re back! (thank you so much for your kind words about my illos..it means a lot!) ~ Shirley

  4. Welcome back! Thanks for your email too. It sounds like you are having a blast in Melbourne and I am very jealous and just a bit peeved that you have left me here in Sydney. All the best wishes for your new ventures!

  5. Anna, Shirley, Kellie and Nicki ~ Thanks so much for dropping by! I was thrilled to see someone back here as I clear the cobwebs and tumbleweeds out. So glad to be back, I’ve missed you guys! ; )
    x Alisa

  6. hi alisa! so nice to see you back. hope the change is doing you good. my sister lived in melbourne for 5 years and loved it, it is a great town. x

  7. It’s been a loooong time … . many changes, many new roads.
    Thanks for dropping by so I’d know you’re back!


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