Playing in water

WaterPlay1 WaterPlay2

… is the only thing to do in the middle of an ultra steamy Australian summer. Time to find a beautiful breezy seaside cottage, or maybe even an underwater retreat .

On the drawing front, I’ve been going for a looser style than my usual in an effort to trick my control-freak perfectionist gene. So far so good, perfectionist gene has not noticed and seems to be completely preoccupied with the state of my shoes. Hope your weekend is blissful!


8 thoughts on “Playing in water

  1. GORGEOUS! Alisa, I’ve missed your work! This is just so darned beautiful. I remember when you mentioned you were re-assessing your work, well if this is what you’re doing now, then I know that you’re off to an amazing 2010! Looking forward to seeing more..I will be back now and again…you take good care, Shirley

  2. Oh, I love looking at what you’re working on. The girl you drew is so summery…she makes me a little jealous of the “steamy” Australian summer.

    Hope that all is well with you.
    ❤ Catania

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