Magic in the Air

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Happy New Year !! Can you still say that in February?

I can’t believe February is in full swing, already!  Where did the better part of two months go? … Well, I needed to take a break. I needed to take stock of the old year and throw myself into a shiny new one. And I needed to shop for school shoes and the box of tissues that went with their first outing. (All a big success I’m happy to say)

I hope you had a lovely break too. I’m excited about 2010, it feels promising, like there’s some magic on it’s way.

WaterPatterns803 × 511NotBareatallBotanicalSplashDuoClick800

These ‘toy’ camera images are from the beautiful (n.b. daydream) holiday I am, apparently, still on. To me they seem truer somehow than a regular cameras. More like a memory of a moment, like a sensory postcard of summer.

the flaring light that has me squinting and scrambling for my sunnies,
the pops of colour in cossies and beach umbrellas,
the undulating hum of cicadas,
the chill in the first wave that takes your breath away

… it’s all there, captured perfectly on film, all in an old fashioned click.

I find Lomography, complete with happy accidents, incredibly inspiring. I can’t wait to try out one of these. And maybe even take the next Photography Adventure challenge run by this talented keen bean. Real magic!

Images | My Red Bike, Duchamp | Surfers, Heather | 1933 Helene and Dory, Kathleenie | Eva and the Seagulls, Mildly Diverting | Sandpipers, Justin Gaynor | Water Patterns, Brande Jackson | Not Bare At All, Patreesya | Botanical, Brande Jackson | Holga Splash, Jan Isaac | For the Sake of the Picture, Barely Legal | To view larger or for licencing click on image titles .


12 thoughts on “Magic in the Air

  1. Hooray!
    I was beginning to wonder where you were!
    And I was about to pluck up the courage to email you and check you were ok….the whole knowing someone only slightly in blogland conundrum!

    Glad school went well….and the beach-inspired photos are lovely…..oh for some sun!

    Nicki x

  2. Happy New Year! So lovely to see you back 🙂 These photos are just exquisite… I love that daydream quality. Off to check out this camera link…. Thanks for this. Kx

  3. Hi there lovely lady!
    Glad to see you back online.
    Gorgeous pics you have chosen to furnish your blog post with. Just stunning. What good taste!
    As for the Photo Adventure – yes please do send over your 10 photos – I’m still accepting submissions until the end of February 🙂
    Let’s get together for coffee & cake again soon. I miss you and your sterling conversation!!

  4. Glad to see you’re back!
    This is a wonderful post – as usual!!
    A Happy New Year to you .
    (It’s only the 28th Feb – the year is still young…!)
    Fingers crossed for a wonderful 2010…

  5. Your words are just as delicious as the images. I think 2010 is already shaping up to be magical…xx

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